Comprehensive Physicals

Annual head-to-toe examinations to include everything except clinical breast and pelvic evaluations. This exam is also for sports participants. No acute issues addressed during these visits. The purpose is for the patient to be in their usual/normal state of health and the doctor to examine thoroughly and provide the necessary age appropriate health prevention screenings.

Preoperative Evaluations

Examinations done prior to surgical procedures to detect and deter possible complications which could arise intra or post- operatively. It is done to maximize recovery and ensure better outcome.

Chronic Disease Management

These evaluations are for individuals who have diagnosis of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease or any process which requires daily medications, electrolyte monitoring and or referrals to specialists. These visits should be done at least quarterly or as often as determined by your provider to ensure the best of care.

Acute “Sick” Visits

This evaluation is for the acute distressing illness which has disturbed your baseline of daily functioning; to include but not exclusive symptoms of an upper respiratory infection (Colds), Flu, diarrhea, rash or urinary tract infections. Visits should be the same day or accommodated within 24hours of calling your provider.

Well Woman Exams

Annual clinical breast and pelvic examinations for the detection and prevention of cancer. This is not done during your comprehensive physicals as to dedicate the visit to your feminine health needs only. Age appropriate referrals are also generated for mammography at this time.

House Calls

A home care service by the provider for patients determined to have difficulty getting to their primary care doctor’s office. A patient is eligible for house calls if they have significant distress with mobility, limited transportation (as it relates to their health), mental disability and/or reside in assisted living facilities. The services are geared for the Seniors in our community (both men and women). However, also offered for those who may have a communicable disease which could potentially expose others by coming into the clinic such as Flu or Shingles/Chicken Pox. All visits to determined at the digression of the provider.

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